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Graphic Designers are met with challenges in every project. It is a field of expertise that rarely has a right answer and is often met with opinions an entire project can be shut down over the silliest things. My 10 year career has rendered a diverse amount of projects from photography shoots and product designs to vehicle wraps and magazines. There are few advertising mediums that I have not at least had a hand in in creating. Having experienced employee management, art directing, graphic design, large format/ sign media creation and a wealth of other experiences, I definately enjoy a challenge

Jonathan Bean Buzz Words:

Leadership Experience
Business Owner

Team Leader
Design and photography
Strong communicator

Skilled multi-tasker
Sense of Urgency
Fast learner

Team Player

Jonathan Bean Overview:

Creative and resourceful graphic design and marketing professional talented at quickly mastering new skills and solving problems. Strong leadership skills with the ability to exercise sound judgment and diplomacy. Highly Motivated in building relationships with clients and team members to create sound working environment and company reputation.

Industry Related Skills:

Xerox/Ricoh - Digital Presses
Online store management
Photography and Design
Every Door Direct Mailings
Press Checking Experience
Pre-Press / Press Output
Print Brokering
Print Buying

Proficient In:

Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe LightRoom, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Muse, PageMaker, and other Adobe Suite Products, Dropbox, Squarespace, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, Command Workstation

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Latest Project At Bradford Marine

Problem: Cabela's in Rogers Arkansas has invited Bradford Marine to operate inside of their store. Bradford Marine cannot show their logo without the Cabela's logo and needs a consistent way to present both logos.

Solution: Both logos are text logos that are long. The only way to present them without going to wide is to stack them. A shape was created to tie the logos together while mimicking the texture in Bass Pro's Logo. The top version is a non vector 3d logo of Bradford while the bottom is a full vector logo.

Bean Features Summit.jpg

Featured Accomplishment

Problem: Summit Truck Group had many vendors for various items. They wanted one central location to get all of their print and apparel needs served.

Solution: In order to serve all of their needs I created a e-store accessible to the public for items such as hats, gifts and clothing. Once an employee logged in they had access to only the products that were available for purchase. For each person the ability to pay with a pre loaded allowance, company billing or credit card only varied by person as well. The e-store not only met the clients needs but allowed us to be partners with them in discovering what products needed to be created to better serve their employees.

Bean Features Summit 2.jpg

Last Project At Bennett Davis Group

Problem: Summit Truck Group is growing rapidly and needed a directory to place in every semi truck they sell. The challenge was to make a book that looked appealing, advertised the individual locations and was easily update-able on short notice. The other challenge is that each location has a wide variation of information.

Solution: In order to have an update-able booklet it had to be able to be booklet bound either with staples and traditional book binding. The template was set so that each location could be updated quickly by importing an excel file. The content would scale easily regardless of the amount of information on the location due to the large photo on each page which could flex in width without being noticed.

Past Projects Created By Jonathan Bean